Our main scientific interests


Mathematical Analysis:

Pietro Aiena               (1) Operator theory, (2) Banach algebras

Nicol˛ Giovannelli           Non linear differential problems

Marco Pavone              (1) Functional analysis, (2) Steiner triple systems

Donatella Bongiorno

Francesco Tschinke           partial *-algebras

Elisabetta Tornatore          stochastic equations and biological systems

Lucia Ardizzone             extended thermodynamics

Giuseppina Gaeta            extended thermodynamics

Mathematical Physics:

Tommaso Brugarino          complete integrability and exact solutions

Maria Stella Mongiový        (1) Superfluidity, (2) Non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Fabio Bagarello             (1) quantum mechanics with infinite degrees of freedom, (2) wavelets, frames and coherent states, (3) stock markets (4) Supersymmetric quantum mechanics

Valeria Ricci

Michele Sciacca             exactly solvable differential equations

Algebra and Geometry:

Renata Grimaldi

Andrea Caggegi              Teoria dei disegni

Angela Valenti              (1) Algebras with polynomial identities, (2) Varieties of non associative algebras

Giovanni Falcone            (1) Reduced algebraic groups, (2) Algebraic number theory,  (3) Design theory.

Stefano Nardulli            Geometric analysis